Who We Are

Good Clothes Good People (GCGP) Corporation is a Louisville-based non-profit organization founded by local college and high school students working to provide adequate resources to those in need.

Utilizing the nationally-acclaimed Visual Arts Programs from across the United States, GCGP aims to use artistry to reinvent donated bins (given by the graciousness of multiple waste-collecting organizations) to create colorful, reflective, and attractive bins that are used to collect clothing donations.

These donations won’t leave their communities. Partnering with larger charitable organizations, like that of Wayside Christian Mission, and UCLA’s Thrift Store, 100% percent of our donations (that’s right, ALL of out our collections) will stay with local nonprofits that are already dedicated to providing for those in economic crises.

Feel free to check out our live map to see where all 20 of our current bins are located! Thank you for your continued interest in helping those in need.

Good Clothes Good People, Inc.