Chapter Spotlight: University of Kentucky

Students at the University of Kentucky chapter of Good Clothes Good People have been working hard, dropping off donations from two of our Louisville locations, Meyzeek Middle School and St. Michael’s Church. Dozens of bags of donations have been collected so far!



Chapter Spotlight: UCLA

The UCLA Chapter of Good Clothes Good People recently opened a distribution center in the Student Activities Center Basement. In the few short months that the center has been open, it has served hundreds of UCLA students in providing necessities such as clothing, menstrual products, interview wear, and hygiene products. According to data, 44.5% of respondents visit the center 1-2 times per week. Every day since the center has been open, there have been both donations and people coming in to utilize the center. GCGP has collaborated with a long list of other student-led organizations, including but not limited to

  • USAC Office of the Internal Vice President
  • Bruin Visual Arts Club
  • Student Wellness Commission
  • USAC Facilities Commission
  • USAC General Representative 2
  • The Hunger Project
  • MobileClinic
  • BruinCorps
  • LGBT Campus Resource Center
  • UCLA Recreation
  • BruinHope
  • Muslim Students Association (MSA)
  • UCLA Alumni Center
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • SCUBA Center
  • UCLA Student Affairs
  • USAC Office of the President
  • The Green Initiative Fund
  • UCLA Renewable Energy Association
  • Homelessness Awareness Week  
  • Lavamae


Students lining up to utilize the center.


Good Clothes Good People members on opening day.

UCLA’s chapter of Good Clothes Good People relies heavily on funding from USAC as well as grants, donations, and student volunteers.