duPont Manual Magnet High School 

duPont Manual Magnet High School is a prestigious public high school located near the University of Louisville. Here, the Visual Arts (VA) Magnet uses its students’ valuable artistic skills to help decorate our bins to make them suitable for any

Wayside Christian Mission

Wayside Christian Mission is a local non-profit religious organization dedicated to providing affordable housing to those in need. Furthermore, this organization helps provide those in financial crises with clothing, food, and other essentials to make sure they can get back on their feet! Check our their website at to find out more about their involvement! 


Rumpke Waste & Recycling

Rumple Waste & Recycling, Louisville’s primary private trash-collecting company, has generously donated over 15 bins that will be transformed into clothing-donation bins. We encourage you to learn more about Rumpke’s work online at


 Meyzeek Middle School 

Meyzeek Middle School has graciously agreed to host one of our twenty bins in their front office, in order to better facilitate clothing-donation drives. This local middle school is in a unique position to help young students in need of adequate clothing because of the mixture of magnet students and local-area student who both attend the school. 

St. Michaels Antiochian Orthodox Church