About Us

Good Clothes Good People (GCGP), Inc. is a Louisville-based non-profit organization that was founded in 2017 by college and high school students working to provide adequate resources to those in need.

Utilizing nationally-acclaimed Visual Arts Programs across the United States, GCGP aims to use artistry to reinvent donated bins (given by the graciousness of multiple waste-collecting organizations) to create colorful, reflective, and attractive bins that are used to collect clothing donations.

Good Clothes Good People currently serves two communities: The Louisville Metro community and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Working at the intersection between sustainability and accessibility, our distribution centers rely solely on student labor; volunteers manage and sort donations, collaborate with other student groups, and distribute donations to the community while encouraging and teaching students how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

These donations won’t leave their communities. Partnering with larger charitable organizations, including Wayside’s Hotel Louisville, and UCLA’s Good Clothes Good People Redistribution Center, 100% percent of our donations (that’s right, ALL of our donations) will stay local.

Good Clothes Good People, Inc.

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