Volunteer Emeritus

If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

Sir Issac Newton

GCGP would not be where it is today without the great efforts from its founders and volunteers over multiple years. Here, we look back at the work that past GCGP volunteers and executive boards have accomplished to bring the club to where it is today.

2020 Executive Board

  • Sneha Thirkannad, President
  • Elaine Pham, External Vice President
  • Valentina Ocariz, Internal Vice President
  • Brea Hogan, Director of Center
  • Natalie Tang, Finance Director
  • Hoque Akter, Finance Director
  • Cynthia Bui, Publicity Director
  • Nicole Tran, Sustainability Director

Building on the good work done by their predecessors, this board led volunteers in expanding GCGP’s footprint in UCLA, participating in campus events such as the Energy Games, holding clothing swaps, and partnering with Bruins for Accessible Resources to provide food, clothes and hygiene products at a local church. Center services were also expanded with the introduction of a hygiene product refill station, umbrella rentals and an increased variety of available supplies. Between September 2019 and March 2020, the redistribution center received almost 1500 visitors.

Despite the upheaval brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, they tirelessly campaigned for the successful passage of the GCGP Basic Needs Referendum during the UCLA USAC election in May 2020. Its passage with overwhelming support provides the club with the resources needed to further enhance student services.

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